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Tuesday October 6, 2020

Your 1st AYM Class Free

We're going to give you your 1st AYM Class, because we know that trust must be GIVEN not earned....   Read More

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Class Free +
Combined Modalities +
Crazy Times +
Cross-Legged Meditation +
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First Class +
For Free +
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Tuesday October 6, 2020

Time For A Sophisticated New Normal

East has met West making you ready to let go of the past with Active Yoga Meditation - AYM (Yoga from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning Oneness)...   Read More

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Active Yoga +
Let Go +
New Normal +
The Past +
Yoga Meditation +
Tuesday October 6, 2020

Two Energy Flows REVEALED

Integrating The Feminine And Masculine Energy Into Your Meditation In Movement...   Read More

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Achieve Oneness +
Feminine Energy +
Integrating Meditation +
Man or Woman +
Masculine Energy +
Third Eye +
Through The Chakras +
Sunday October 4, 2020

Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Heal your Body Mind and Soul through Joyful Movement that clears stress and boosts energy...   Read More

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Body Mind and Soul +
Fitness +
Joyful +
Motivation +
Movement +
Physical +
Spiritual +
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