The Energy Of Today For July 15

Timezone: America / Los Angeles
The energy of today will predetermine the energies running through the rest of the month, so keep your ideas positive. You are the black and white sheepdog of the sheepish emotions that everybody has been hiding, like a pimple on the end of your nose just about to pop.
It's all about treating the ills of the world around you now while it's simple rather than letting them fester until they have a will of their own and try to take over how you look, feel, think and react as a force of nature. Corral them into a safe and manageable place so that you can doctor them in safety, security and in a place of your choosing.
AYM Is Many Things...
  • It's meditation in movement
  • It's about the enjoyment of connecting to you mind, body and soul
  • It's finding your joy
  • It's made for all ages
  • It's made to be done at home together
  • It's noncompetitive, nonjudgmental and a lot less scary than a classroom full of scary strangers you don't know
  • Give new meaning to zoom as you feel the shift
AYM It's Simply... your chakra connection.

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