The Energy Of Today For February 23

Timezone: America / Los Angeles
The energy of today is about alternatives, like asking yourself, This is what I would do; what else could I do? It's about little treats that you could give your friends, family, etc. to inspire them to treat you differently, to see you differently. Don't spring today for the same old, same old.
It's all about finding peace with the multitude of different ideas that bombard you with every situation today, to accepting that some might be better than what you always pick, and some may be absolutely nonsense, and rewarding yourself with a little treat for knowing the difference.
AYM Is Many Things...
  • It's meditation in movement
  • It's about the enjoyment of connecting to you mind, body and soul
  • It's finding your joy
  • It's made for all ages
  • It's made to be done at home together
  • It's noncompetitive, nonjudgmental and a lot less scary than a classroom full of scary strangers you don't know
  • Give new meaning to zoom as you feel the shift
AYM It's Simply... your chakra connection.

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