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The Energy Of Today is all about...
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The Energy Of Today For January 21

Timezone: America / Los Angeles
The energy of today is about comfort, giving yourself a big hug and telling yourself it's all going to be okay.
It's all about the support of your inner child, the person you used to be before life happened, making yourself a playdate just for yourself, something that doesn't have anything to do with what, when and how people perceive you. The secret You is the most important part of the energy of today.
AYM Is Many Things...
  • It's meditation in movement
  • It's about the enjoyment of connecting to you mind, body and soul
  • It's finding your joy
  • It's made for all ages
  • It's made to be done at home together
  • It's noncompetitive, nonjudgmental and a lot less scary than a classroom full of scary strangers you don't know
  • Give new meaning to zoom as you feel the shift
AYM It's Simply... your chakra connection.
Concepts Within This Page:
Body Mind and Soul

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