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About The GAME Changer Rita Harrison

Developer of the Amazing AYM World

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Article By Val Joy: First published on Bhutata.Ink online

In keeping with changing times, a wonderful New-Normal Meditation in Movement modality called AYM or Active Yoga Meditation has hit the scene. Blending cutting-edge technology and ancient information, the AYM Center has now officially launched online with classes available worldwide.

Created in response to the stress and busy-ness of modern times, its developer Rita Harrison noticed that while techniques from traditional yoga (developed by men for men) might have served its purpose in its day, the feminine energy flow needed to be integrated in order for all people (male and female) to achieve the Oneness (which yoga means in Sanskrit).

A lateral thinker, Rita was like many game and life-changers ahead of her time and under-appreciated until she wasn't. Having begun her career as a physical therapist and naturopath trained in Germany, she recognized what is often ignored, that...

"When your body can do it, you can do it."

So she combined her skills in over 25 therapies, including manual, cranial sacral, hnc, kinesiology, and shiatsu to name a handful with the knowledge from yoga and Chinese medicine as well as the latest research (in biology, neuro-science and DNA). Then she tweaked and simplified everything to create a moving meditation more suited to our sedentary, Noisy Head lives.

In developing AYM, Rita gave the body its rightful place instead of doubling down on the wagging, scolding finger of the I Think, therefore I Am paradigm. She integrated aerobic movement, expansion and the expectation of joy that have been trained out of us in so many ways. With AYM, a happy partnership between mind and body paves the gateway into your soul more efficiently and effectively, powering up that light bulk or ah-ha moment that shines on all the ways to lead a healthier, happier life.

The AYM Center now offers world-wide introductory classes over Zoom free of charge, its reach one of the silver linings of the 2020 pandemic. You can visit for more information and to register for classes.

Some AYM Testimonials

A Testimonial Heart From Lisa Graham
"I love AYM Chakracise..." -Lisa Graham

A Testimonial Heart From Sharyn Nissen
"AYM... Activate your mind, active your movements." -Sharyn Nissen
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A Testimonial Heart From Vicki Wong
"AYM is music, movement, awareness and intention." -Vicki Wong
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