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AYM Chakracise

Create a structured 12 Chakra Connection that boost your strength and fitness

12 Chakracise Chakracise 12 Chakras 12 Chakra Chakracise

In AYM Chakracise, we power up your 12 chakras for Fitness Body, Mind and Soul, combining aerobic movement, toning exercises, meridian tapping, stretching and stillness into a distinctive meditation.

---------------------- All classes are on ZOOM. ----------------------
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All classes are on ZOOM.
Get Class Times Here

Let's break it down into steps:

  • Step 1. Your meridians will be fired up by music that sizzles and simmers to the vibrations of your individual chakras.
  • Step 2. We'll...
    • Integrate your Feminine and Masculine Energy flows,
    • Fortify your Mind with emotional stability, peace and clarity,
    • Strengthen your Body for a new sense of balance and create beautiful curves.
  • Step 3. In clearing out the Either-Or Consciousness mentality, you'll enjoy the New, as well as lots of powerful Moments blended to perfection.

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Concepts Within This Page:
Aerobic Movement
Body Mind and Soul
Chakra Connection
Meridian Tapping
Peace of Mind

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