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Fun, Motivation & Inspiration for the Wild & Still Wonderful Wrongly Written-Off Simple Movement

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In your AYM Golden class, relax into a joyful journey through your 12 Chakras (yes, there are 12!) and experience the delectable nature of your golden energy, its connections and discernment.

---------------------- All classes are on ZOOM. ----------------------
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All classes are on ZOOM.
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Let’s break it down into steps:

  • Step 1. Gather Body, Mind and Soul together in a meditation in movement to music. Clear out what doesn’t fit in your sanctuary, brushing with the freedom to be wonderfully You.
  • Step 2. Add a flourish of structure with exercises and stretches that meet the moment, and layer in generously with regeneration, strengthening and don’t forget…fun!
  • Step 3. Sprinkle with meridian tapping and honeyed intentions before simmering all the layers in a soothing and motivating stillness.

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Chakra Clearing Energy Healing Fun Inspiration Meditation in Movement Meridian Tapping Motivation Music and Healing Regeneration

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