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Build Your Own Mind, Body & Soul Combos To Your Personal Needs

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In your AYM À La Carte sessions, we'll begin by making a lovely pastry shell of Mind and Body ingredients selected just for you, by YOU. Then we'll pour in a smooth Soulful filling before baking until golden.

---------------------- All classes are on ZOOM. ----------------------

All classes are on ZOOM.
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Let's break it down into steps:

  • Step 1. We'll communicate one-on-one, taking note of and assessing what your Body needs, energetic level craves and Mind wants before crafting your own healing Meditation in Movement.
  • Step 2. Together we'll whisk in elements to find One-ness, or what Connects You with your own 12 Chakra system, whether stability, power, stretching, peace, or just plain fun!
  • Step 3. Continue to thrive and grow in a space designed Just for You, or mix your customized main dish with in with other group style classesother group style classes.

Register for your class today and get Joyfully acquainted with AYM as an À La Carte part of your life.

Some samples of customized À La Carte session classes:

  • Personal training after injury or surgery
  • Family Dance-Togethers
  • Mother-Daughter Classes ( Chakracise / Expansion / Freestyle / Golden, etc)
  • Collective Healing Sessions with a Selected Topic or Intention
  • 12 Chakra Connections for Autistic and Special Needs Individuals / Groups
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Mind Body and Soul
Personal Needs

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