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AYM Let's Dance...

Let's Dance AYM at Home on Zoom

Are you mostly busy managing the latest news and rules, your brain foggy with a yearning for The Good Old Days or getting Back to Normal?

As change rocks and rolls the world, don't you wish you had time for Soul-Fulfilling Thoughts, a little Time For Reflection.

There’s a Brenda Lee song called Is That All There Is, you might remember your mom or grandma playing it... Anyway it goes: "If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing..."

So let’s keep dancing...

Let's figure out the steps and make the dance of life joyful again with AYM, your Active Yoga Meditation.
  • It reconnects your chakras through movement and dance
  • It literally and figuratively moves with the times
  • It rejuvenates you and your personal space
  • It reinvents a time of peace and joy in your Body, Mind and Soul

All At Home On ZOOM

Let yourself feel that little flutter in your belly, that Excitement of trying Something New that will Break the Fear of the times we're living in.
Let someone else obsess about the Old and Done, because "The Devil You Know" isn’t really better...


Anywhere in the world, at home on ZOOM for FREE for any, or all our classes until the end of January 2021.

Just Fill Out The Form below and get immediate access to...

  • Meditation in Movement
  • The Enjoyment of connecting to you Mind, Body and Soul
  • Finding your joy
  • Movement and Dance made for all ages

AYM It's Simply... your chakra connection.

AYM Let's Dance...

Just Fill Out The Form below and get immediate access from anywhere in the world to any, or all of our classes for FREE until the end of January 2021, at home on ZOOM.

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