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AYM Center

Getting Acquainted With Active Yoga Meditation FOR FREE

We're going to give you your 1st AYM Class, because we know that trust must be GIVEN not earned.

Getting Acquainted With Active Yoga Meditation FOR FREE: AYM

Q. Why is the first AYM Freestyle, or AYM Chakracise class free?
A. Well that's simple. You don't know AYM, and we know that trust must be given not earned.

Active Yoga Meditation (AYM) is brand new. It's neither Yoga Poses, nor cross-legged meditation.

It’s also not a box you have to fit, nor is it like any one thing you've experienced before. As you'll see, its combined modalities are custom curated for the new and crazy times we live in. It was developed to be totally what you need each time you come, whatever you’re going through that day, whatever your age, gender, passion, etc.

If that sounds like a tall order, that’s why we’re here FOR FREE to show you, your first time how AYM delivers.

Text / call + 1 ( 5 6 2 ) 5 3 3 - 3 9 6 2, or use the contact form here if you have questions and to register now for the Zoom ID for your Free Class.

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