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AYM Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Give your Body permission to be in charge again through Joyful Movement

Physical and spiritual fitness through chakra clearing

If you feel too busy to find and follow your Soul Purpose, or maybe Spiritual Awakening seems like something for another day, how about if meditating on it were as simple and fun as shaking off stress and picking your energy up with joyful movement?

If you’re worn out from trying to figure things out – everyday or the bigger fork-in-the-road stuff – how about using AYM as an ally instead? Have you noticed when you think and then overthink, that your mind goes into a repeating loop, maybe even stalls and burns out? The downward spiral into depletion and depression can then happen with the momentum of a tumble down some stairs.

Imagine picking yourself up and physically shaking your whole body as a dog does after a bath, and then taking the movements further to clear yourself of all kinds of energies such as anxiety, worry and fear. Most people hold the stresses of everyday life in their bodies and have forgotten that there are primal, physical ways to move them out and heal.

With Active Yoga Meditation, you give your Body permission to be in charge again, reacquainting it with simple movements, dance and music that connect with your chakras and meridians. As you clear and boost your energy in a way that naturally gives the brain a rest, the Mind focuses only on setting clear intentions that pick you up and navigate towards Ah-Ha, Joy, Calm... whatever it is that your Soul desires.

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