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More Bang for Your Buck! Active Yoga, Meditation and Dance
A New Self-Care Modality That Combines: Something New with Something Old! And then that, into more than you dreamed possible...

AYM Freestyle for a Meditation in Movement Done Your Way
With music to move the moment, you dance and heal your energy, integrate feminine and masculine and emerge with new self-awareness.

AYM À La Carte
Build Your Own Mind, Body and Soul Combos To Your Personal Needs

This is what a Chakra is and what Chakra Healing feels like
Chakra Healing: Reconnect and heal your chakras, and create your own moments through Aerobics and Dance

Physical Spirituality: How To Find Your Divine Sparkle
Get The Guidebook To More Moments Of Soul Happiness...Sombreros and Water Wheels, Rita Harrison's Amazing World Of AYM

AYM for Women and Men Who Dare - Active Yoga and Meditation
A workout that integrates feminine strengths with the feminine energy flow and creates fitness in Mind, Body and Soul

Your AYM (Active Yoga Meditation) Classes online using ZOOM
AYM can now be experienced by people from all over the world, in the comfort of their own homes yet together.

Welcoming you to the Amazing World of AYM
Dancing through Rita Harrison's Water Wheels and Sombreros: A Meditation in Movement for Mind, Body and Soul

AYM Expansion Classes
Introduction To Movement and Dance For The Genuine Young At Heart

Your 12 Chakra Connection: AYM Chakracise, Freestyle, etc.
Meditation in Movement and Dance that is pure body, mind and soul inspiration

Meditation Is Fun When You Twerk with Intention
If Meditation Has Become A Chore, Experience How You Can Do It Fun, Fast and Powerful!

AYM How to Have Fun Dumping your Energetic Trash
Have fun cleaning house of emotions that make you sick. Dump the stress and fill up with health and happiness instead!


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