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Dancing through Rita Harrison’s Water Wheels and Sombreros

Introduction to AYM AYM Introduction Introduction to The New Normal

In this AYM Introduction class, we’ll show you how to integrate new information, new times and new modalities to create a quick and sophisticated New Normal in Meditations that Move..

---------------------- All classes are on ZOOM. ----------------------
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All classes are on ZOOM.
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Let’s break it down into steps:

  • Step 1. Come with your thoughts, feelings and assumptions about dance, meditation and yoga, and we’ll show you how to slice and dice them differently.
  • Step 2. We’ll present you with tantalizing new ingredients to marinate with your own inner resources.
  • Step 3. You’ll gain the knowledge to access all the ways you can clear and boost your Age of Aquarius 12 Chakras (more than the traditional 7!) and make sumptuous feasts for your Body, Mind and Soul.

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A Testimonial Heart From Cheryl Lynn Mcdonald Wild
"It felt great!" -Cheryl Lynn Mcdonald Wild
  Talking about AYM Chakracise.
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12 Chakras Body and Soul Chakra Clearing Dance Inner Peace Meditation in Movement Mind Yoga

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