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Introduction To Movement & Dance For The Genuine Young At Heart

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In AYM Expansion classes, we’ll blend youthful emotions with wonderful ingredients to release stress and manage energy. We'll also improve reflexes, coordination and balance though the enjoyment of amazing side dishes filled with fitness, fun and self-awareness!

---------------------- All classes are on ZOOM. ----------------------
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All classes are on ZOOM.
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Let’s break it down into steps:

  • Step 1. To release tension, we’ll combine movement, meridian tapping and music of the moment into a pressure-less place sprinkled with freedom and happiness.
  • Step 2. We’ll pour a bit of structure into the mix for stability and comfort, using exercise or dance to improve reflexes, coordination and balance.
  • Step 3. We’ll coat the entire thing with a sense of togetherness that comes in a non-judgmental, non-competitive space.

We give separate, age-appropriate classes for 4-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, pre-teen and teens.

Register for an Introduction class today and feel free to attend as many times as you need to get yourself really acquainted with our AYM Classes.

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