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System and Group Dynamics

System & Group Dynamics

Clear the fog. Resolve the problem.

There’s an elephant in the room in most companies and organizations, something that no one likes to talk about. It’s why certain problems mysteriously come up over and over again, such as:

  • Frustrating and inappropriate behavior

  • Interdepartmental power struggles

  • People who feel constantly victimized

All can be damaging to a company’s biggest and most important asset - its image and reputation.

Up until now, nothing has really worked, and here’s why:

Every system has its own dynamics not usually visible to the group’s members. These dynamics influence everyone’s choices and actions and undermine how successful an organization and its members can be.

In this AYMCENTER class you'll discover Group, System and Family Dynamics Methodology that very effectively tackles these recurring problems when transformed into a business, financial, and professional developmental context.

These tools will help your employees get to the root of those recurring problems, thereby re-structuring the patterns of dysfunction and promoting professional growth.

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