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Have you ever looked up at the moon or out at the ocean and had to catch your breath... Maybe even shed a tear or two?

Imagine accessing those moments of wonder more often.

The sad thing is that most of us are Too Busy, Sick or Tired to even notice.

With AYMFreestyle as a partner, you're invited to get out of your chair, connect and move.

Create your own calm and clarity by exploring the whole constellation that is You.

Move your universe from your head to your toes...

Your First Class Is Free

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Class Times Sunday

  • 3 pm Los Angeles (GMT-8)
  • Noon 12 pm Honolulu (GMT-10)
  • 6 pm New York (GMT-5)
  • 11 pm London England (GMT+1)

Class Times Monday

  • Midnight 12 am Paris France (GMT+2)
  • 6 am Hong Kong (GMT+8)
  • 8 am Sydney (GMT+10)

Class Times Thursday

  • 7 pm Los Angeles (GMT-8)
  • 4 pm Honolulu (GMT-10)

Class Times Friday

  • 10 pm New York (GMT-5)
  • 3 am London England (GMT+1)
  • 4 am Paris France (GMT+2)
  • 10 am Hong Kong (GMT+8)
  • 2 pm Sydney (GMT+10)

Class Times Saturday

  • 9 am Los Angeles (GMT-8)
  • 6 am Honolulu (GMT-10)
  • Noon 12 pm New York (GMT-5)
  • 5 pm London England (GMT+1)
  • 6 pm Paris France (GMT+2)

Class Times Sunday

  • Midnight 12 am Hong Kong (GMT+8)
  • 2 am Sydney (GMT+10)
For Classes On Tuesday and Wednesday, see AYM Chakracise
*GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
If none of these times are comfortable for you, use the contact form,
or call / text + 1 ( 5 6 2 ) 5 3 3 - 3 9 6 2 to request another time or private class.
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